Cabo San Lucas

In this weeks blog post I am going to talk about one of my favorite thing to do, travel! This spring break my family decided to take a vacation to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. We have never been to Mexico so this was a new experience for us. When we landed in Cabo I immediately noticed how different it was from America. It was really cool to see a different culture, Mexico looked like a dessert. It was very hot and dry there, which was great for laying by the pool, but for waiting for our driver it was not the most enjoyable experience. It was about an hour drive to our resort, and the driver was super nice, talking to us, and answering all of our questions about what we should do. Once we got there it felt like I was in a mix between Palm Springs, Arizona, and Hawaii. The resort was a mixture of really pretty reds, oranges, and tans.

Our room was looking over the resort and beach. There were so many pools with waterfalls and bars in the pool it was so cool! The next day we decided to go to the Madano beach since the beach our resort was at had a huge undertow and has killed a lot of people so we were not allowed to swim there, so we went right across to the other side of the beach and it was filled with exciting music and tons of people! It was so fun! There were tons of bars, restaurants, and beach clubs. We got some really comfortable lounge chairs on the beach at the Beach Club. The water was really nice! It was not super warm, but it was really refreshing. The water was pretty clear and you could see tons of fish, schools of fish even jumped out of the water! It was the perfect temperature because when you got to hot you can cool off in the refreshing ocean, but then you got to cold and went to go and lay out in the warm  sun.

On the beach there were tons of people who were selling tons of trinkets and souvenirs, they would constantly ask you if you wanted their stuff and would keep trying to show you what they were selling. I got a few things, but after that it got kind of annoying lol. The next day we went to go and see our friends and the group of people they were with at the same beach. We were farther down at a nice hotel right on the beach where it was quieter. The pool was really nice, and the ocean felt perfect. We swam for a little, and lay out, but then we went to their time share on the beach and we sat in the hot tub at the bar and got some really good smoothies. There were a lot of little kids with us and it was a handful taking care of them, but it was really fun!

When we walked back to the hotel we all decided to pass the volleyball in a big circle and it was so cute seeing these little girls pass the volley ball. Then we got hot and decided to go in the ocean. We all hung out in there for a while with inter-tubes. There were not to many waves, but we swam in the ocean a lot. When we got out we watched the sunset over the horizon , and got some things from the sellers on the beach, and then got ready to leave. The last day we just hung out at the pool, and walked around the marina then got some dinner. It was really fun to see what the town was like. Our last day we laid out then headed back home. I woke up today wishing I was back in Mexico laying out, but instead I’m here at school. Well if you liked this post comment your favorite place to travel down below!

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